• An end to spreadsheet hell: Consistent, secure BI platform avoiding menial maintenance and errors
  • Fastest Time to Benefit: for all your reporting, planning and analysis requirements
  • The business user in charge: no need for special IT knowledge or reliance on third parties
Success Stories

End of Spreadsheet Hell


Avoid errors and menial efforts maintaining spreadsheet based bugeting and reporting.

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Mobile Devices

Plan, Analyse and Report with iPad, iPhone and Adroid Smartphones and Tablets

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Success Stories

BSA Limited Business Intelligence revolutionised in a blink.

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Business Intelligence Solutions and Services | Business Performance Management Solution - Managility



Our industry is prone to using lots of glossy, colourful screenshots promising this or that business intelligence software will fix all your analytical problems.

For those of you who have actually implemented BI projects you have likely learnt that it takes a bit more than that.

Good software is important, but of at least as much importance is the analysis of current processes and identifying how business intelligence technology can provide real value add for an organisation’s ability to:

  • Leverage insights into tangible business benefits
  • Streamline processes to avoid unnecessary work in particular around menial re-entering and report creation
  • Plan and predict future outcomes more reliably

As opposed to re-inventing the wheel with just another expensive software purchase. At Managility we focus on better using your existing technologies and using free, open source or very cost effective solutions where possible.

We typically start by analysing strategic requirements and only then recommend technology solutions that best fit the needs.  The outcome is a strategic BI architecture that puts as much as possible business end users in charge without being reliant on IT pros or extensive development.

We believe that the implementation time frame of most effective business intelligence programs should be measured in days as opposed to months. Our unique “Fast Start” approach typically guarantees that clients can experience the benefits of a professional business intelligence environment in less than week.

Since 2004 we have implemented projects for some of Asia Pacific's largest organisations like the BSA Ltd, City of Sydney, Fortescue Metals, Fresenius Kabi and Macquarie University and Pandora Jewelry among others.

Feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at any time for further details or arrange a no obligation meeting.

Martin Kratky

(Director Managility)

Managility PowerSync for Jedox

One Click Integration And Unlimited Front End Options

  • Integrate OLAP/Data warehouse and cloud based data streams
  • Better control of backup and restore and audit: trace every transactions
  • Expands analysis options to any business intelligence tools that is compatible:
    e.g. latest Excel components (PowerPivot, PowerView and Power Map)

Different BI requirements typically require different database architectures. These fall broadly into two categories: transactional/relational data warehouses and multidimensional.

A transactional data store (e.g. MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) typically handles high data volumes and enables flexible analysis, whereas multi-dimensional architectures (like Jedox, TM1, etc.) are optimised for write back, simulation and modelling.

This multi-tiered approach typically results in integration challenges, when a combined view is required. Extensive ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) processes have to be developed which require extensive consulting or internal development efforts.

The new Managility PowerSync framework addresses this challenge with a one click solution that converts and synchronises OLAP sources into a relational dimensional model.

This enables:

  • A one version of the truth Data warehouse that integrates all BI architectures
  • Complete control of of all transactions for audit and restore purposes
  • Access with nearly any BI front end/ reporting tool
  • An easy integration of external cloud based data streams

The PowerSync framework is currently available to Managility clients with every project implementation. A stand-alone, public available software version will be released in Q1 2014. Please contact Managility to discuss partnership and early adopter options.


Platform: Windows .NET Server component or Python Service for Linux

Supported RDBMS: MS SQL Server, Oracle

Supported OLAP: Jedox Base and Premium and Palo. TM1 support available in Q1 2014

Managility Power Tools

Managility Power Tools for Jedox


View the embedded image gallery online at:

Power Tools Browser

In a variety of projects over the last 4 years Managility has implemented custom client solutions to enhance the Jedox/Palo functionality and facilitate the deployment process. As many of these enhancements are of use to a broader audience we have integrated the most useful features into a generic development framework: The Managility Power Tools.


Managility Excel Business Intelligence

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Power Analytics
Professional approach to data analysis using Excel with the amazing new Power-Add-ins like PowerPivot, PowerView as well as Data Explorer and the brand new GeoFlow for 3D geospatial analysis.
Principles of professional information visualisation using the SUCCESS methodology: What are the key elements of effectives charts, when to use what chart type, how to implement consistent chart guidelines.
Seamless interplay of Excel and Web how to publish Excel reports as interactive web applications
Professional Dashboards: how to build effective, interactive dashboards in Excel.
Write back, forecasting and modelling in large data models using the free Jedox Base Add In
What makes us different?: Our courses are run as interactive workshops where participants apply best practice use of the latest Excel technologies on real life business requirements as opposed to conventional standard trainings going through feature lists.
Pre-requisites: this is an advanced Excel training. Participants are recommended to have at least one year of practical experience with Excel business models.
Course Outline Day 1
Principles of effective information design the SUCCESS approach
Overview of business intelligence components in Microsoft ecosystem
Differences between different semantic analytic layers: MS Analysis Services, Tabular,  Jedox Base
Principals of multi-dimensional data analysis
Analysing data with PowerPivot
Automation of integrating internal data sources
SQL query language basics
Integration of external data with Data PowerPivot Explorer
Introduction to DAX query language
Geo spatial analysis using GeoFlow
Outline Day 2
Write back, forecasting and modelling
Principles of Budgeting and Forecasting Models
Introduction to Jedox Base
Managing Multi-user budgeting forecasting processes
Top down bottom planning techniques
Scenario management
Practical case study: HR planning and corporate finance.
Interplay of Excel and Web: who to publish Excel workbooks as interactive web applications
General principles of effective dashboard design in Excel
Practical creating a dashboard using Excel only, Powerview and Jedox Base

Professional approach to data analysis using Excel
covering the power of new additions like PowerPivot as well as Data Explorer and GeoFlow
Principles of professional information visualisation using the SUCCESS methodology
Seamless interplay of Excel and Web how to publish Excel reports as interactive web applications
Professional Dashboards: how to build effective, interactive dashboards in Excel
Write back, forecasting and modelling in large data models with the Jedox Base Add In

Excel is the most widely used business analysis tool but analysts typically only use a fraction of what's on offer. Particular in recent versions (2010 and later) extremely powerful business intelligence features have been added. This 2 day course will cover these tools including some brand new add-ons like Power Map and the new Power Query. A strong focus will also be taken on the usage of professional information design techniques for effective report layouts and charting. The final part of the workshop covers the powerful options for planning, simulation and business modelling using the free Jedox Base Add-in.

FinViews Unparalleled Insight for Investors

In September 2013 Managility launched a joint venture company FinViews.com. The FinViews business intelligence product range enables financial services porfessionals and investors to gain unparalleled insights into corporate fundamentals data.

Using a new automated approach all data (all details from financial statements and disclosures) is extracted in real time when financial statements are lodged with regulative authorities and financial exchanges and made available through an advanced business intelligence framework. In October 2013 FinViews will launch it's data stream product in the Microsoft Azure Data Market that makes data of 7,000 listed companies in the US available with a live link from Excel. A premium product range with advanced BI features will launch later this year with a particular focus on visualisation and extensive options to interact and modify data for example for:

  • Writeback e.g. forecasting and sensitivity analysis
  • Changing the model structures e.g. the simulation of adding a new business unit or the acquisition of an entity
  • The implementation of own calculation models.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

This approach completely avoids manual rekeying of financial reports with the related data quality and consistency problems. Users are also provided with advanced business intelligence options: from predictive analytics, simulations and goal seek as well as sector and portfolio comparisons. Moreover the solution facilitates building typical financial models used by analysts around the world to assess company valuations, from investment banks, sell-side brokers or buy-side fund managers (Equity or Credit), advisory boutiques, corporate finance, consulting or hedge funds (M&A accretion/dilution models, M&A arbitrage, Leveraged finance: cash flow models like DCFs, LBO models and screens, cash-flow waterfalls for distressed debt valuation, Altman Z-score, comparable multiples). In addition the solution can integrate any external data from pricing information, news, and analysts’ consensus numbers.

FinViews is available either as an on premise solution or hosted (e.g. in the Microsoft Azure Data Market) as a cloud solution and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us on 1300 007256, the chat function on this web site or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information

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